Find the Difference

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⛱ Color Sense ⛱ is a “Find the difference” game about color perception.

  • ⚡ Detect tile with a bit different color
  • ⚡ Earn additional time for each good decision
  • ⚡ Spot bad color tiles in a given time
  • ⚡ Train your skill and vision
  • ⚡ Beat the score and challenge your friends

⛱ Let’s test your color vision and perception skills!

😎 Hard way 😎

Compare your highest level to the level of other players around the world! Master your sense of color to reach level 100, become a master of color vision! The game has a lot of achievements! Try to find out all hidden secrets!

👍 Great Design 👍

Modern Material Design colors palette is used. Each palette color name is displayed during the gameplay. The game has quality graphics and supports high-resolution screens as well.

☝ Challenging ☝

The number of blocks increases as you progress levels. Fight against bigger shapes field! Also, good color sense required to find all-stars on the field. Try to spot as many stars as possible.

  • ⚡ Play the game to improve your visual perception.
  • ⚡ Give back challenge to the family and friends!