Dice Twice: Gimme 2!

Dice twice is a Sliding Blocks Puzzle game where you merge similar Dice and Domino tiles. Each tile will increase tile’s rank.

How to play

Every turn, a new tile will randomly appear in an empty spot on the board with a Dice Rank of either [.] or [:]. Tiles slide as far as possible in the chosen direction until they are stopped by either another tile or the edge of the grid. If two tiles of the same rank collide while moving, they will merge into a tile with the next tile rank value of the two tiles that collided.


You have to play on different size boards from 3x3 to 8x8.


  • Dice tiles - regular tiles from 1 to 6.
  • Domino tiles - when you merge two Dice tiles 6 and 6, you will get [1:1] Domino tile.
  • Mega Tiles - when you merge [6:6] + [6:6] domino tile - you will get [X:1] tile, then you have to merge them to get the highest rank tile [X:X].
  • Super Tile - [X:X] tile, you may collect as much as possible to get super high score.


  • 5 moves history: game keep your last 5 moves, so you able to Undo your moves, rethink and make new moves to got further.
  • All your play state is always saved and kept locally on your device automatically.
  • Small application size: you don’t need worry about your device storage.
  • Endless gameplay.

Beat your friend’s score, enjoy playing, exercise Your brain! It’s time to start solve that challenging sliding puzzle!

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